Friday, 24 April 2009

Therapy? - Amsterdam Paradiso 2003

This gig was initially broadcast on the now defunct Fabchannel website, so it's excellent quality. The video started out as a .wmv, but I've done a bit of work on it and converted it to .avi. The video has been sharpened up, as has the audio. A very entertaining 96 minutes from the last night of a Dutch tour, though I think Mr Cairns may have started his end of tour celebrations a bit early - maybe he breathed in a bit much of that Amsterdam air. ;-)

Video Download - [HERE]

Track Listing:
  1. My Voodoo Doll
  2. Die Laughing
  3. Straight Life
  4. Turn
  5. Rust
  6. If It Kills Me
  7. A Moment Of Clarity
  8. Sister
  9. Who Knows
  10. Hey Satan, You Rock
  11. Church Of Noise
  12. I Am The Money
  13. Dancin’ With Manson
  14. Nobody Here But Us
  15. Knives
  16. Screamager
  17. Potato Junkie
  18. Stop It You’re Killing Me
  19. Nowhere
  20. Diane
  21. Isolation/She’s Lost Control
  22. Teethgrinder

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