Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Pop Will Eat Itself - 2 new Videos

Here we have a couple of live performances by PWEI from the 80's, thanks to TIMBO from pweination for supplying the video that these came from.

First up we have a 1986 show from the London Astoria. 11 songs in 19 minutes, and the video is pretty good for a 20 year old bootleg.

Track Listing:

  1. Love Missile F1-11
  2. Monogamy
  3. Let's Get Ugly
  4. Orgone Accumulator
  5. Sweet Sweet Pie
  6. Theresapsychopathin My Soup
  7. The Devil Inside
  8. Oh Grebo, I Think I Love You
  9. The Black Country Chainstore Massacreee
  10. B-B-B-Breakdown
  11. Candydiosis

Video Download - [HERE]

Stream Video - [HERE]

The next video is from a 1988 appearance on a show called Night Network. You could be mistaken for thinking that it was a different band, thanks to the addition of a drum machine and more samples than you can shake a stick at. And this time they take nearly 16 minutes to play a mere 4 songs. The colours on this video are rather bright, but everything was brighter 20 years ago. The last track cuts out just before the end, but that's how the video ends.

Track Listing:

  1. Grebo Guru
  2. There Is No Love Between Us Anymore
  3. She's Surreal
  4. Hit The Hi-Tech Groove

Video Download - [HERE]

Stream Video - [HERE]

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Therapy? - Firenze 1994

The 3rd of the bootlegs that Tom donated, and another great quality one. I'll just quote the description from the info file again.

Auditorium Flog
March 26, 1994

The source was a mono radio broadcast from the radio show "Planet Rock",
i used the right channel which was a bit better, and reworked the various sound
peaks. Almost no normalisation was done. The gig was also retracked.

Track Listing:

  1. Stop It You're Killing Me
  2. Trigger Inside
  3. Potato Junkie
  4. Auto Surgery
  5. Die Laughing
  6. Totally Random Man
  7. Accelerator
  8. Hellbelly
  9. Halfway Down The Stairs (A.A. Milne)
  10. Unbeliever
  11. Teethgrinder
  12. Brainsaw
  13. Femtex
  14. Turn
  15. Isolation
  16. Knives
  17. Screamager
  18. Nausea
  19. Nowhere
  20. Iron Man (Black Sabbath)
  21. Opal Mantra
  22. Me Vs. You
  23. Lunacy Booth

MP3 Download - [HERE]

FLAC Download - [HERE]

Therapy? - Brussels 2004

Another gig from Tom, this time a more recent show. This gig is from a radio broadcast, as you'll be able to tell from the rather obtrusive intro and outros by the DJ. Anyway, very good quality this.

Track Listing:

  1. Church Of Noise
  2. Unbeliever
  3. Rise Up (Make Yourself Well)
  4. Die Like A Motherfucker
  5. If It Kills Me
  6. This Ship Is Sinking
  7. Nowhere
  8. Isolation
  9. Die Laughing
  10. Perish The Thought
  11. Rust
  12. Polar Bear
  13. Innocent X
  14. Teethgrinder
  15. Potato Junkie
  16. Screamager (Jazzy Version)
  17. Animal Bones
  18. Epilepsy
  19. Long Distance
  20. Knives
  21. Screamager

MP3 Download - [HERE]

Therapy? - RTE Radio Session 1990

Have to thank Tom for sending this bootleg in, along with 2 others that will be uploaded sometime soon. Here's what the info text has to say about it.

Dave Fanning Session
RTE radio, Dublin, Ireland
October 1990

Track 1-4: This was a tape of the session passed out by the band
prior to broadcast back in 1990. This copy is about 2nd or 3rd generation and
has some tape hiss between tracks which can't be noticed once the music kicks in
(you could always remove it yourself if such things bother you). The tracks were
subsequently broadcast in a different order.

Track 5: This was not a part of the broadcast. It is an unreleased
rehearsal from '89 or '90 that one of the band had included on an old mix-tape.
I don't think it's seen any circulation so is included here as a bonus. Sound
quality overall is a fair B+ with the exception of track 5 which sounds like it
could have been made on an old boom-box.

Track Listing:
  1. Reality Fuck
  2. Innocent X
  3. Dancin' With Manson
  4. Body O.D.
  5. Mind, Body and Soul

MP3 Download - [HERE]

FLAC Download - [HERE]

Friday, 1 May 2009

Fugazi - Irving Plaza 1995

This gig is 86 minutes of brilliance, and very high quality recording. Even if you've not heard of Fugazi you should download this. And don't forget to join the TMTNL forum, you know you want to.

MP3 Download - [HERE]

Track Listing:

  1. Intro

  2. Blueprint

  3. Brendan #1

  4. Birthday Pony

  5. Cassavetes

  6. Facet Squared

  7. Justice Brenner

  8. Bend For The Scraping

  9. Target

  10. Words

  11. Margin Walker

  12. Bad Mouth

  13. Gimme The Cure

  14. Guy And Ian

  15. Returning The Screw

  16. Smallpox Champion

  17. Back To Bass

  18. Joe Lally's Song

  19. Latest Grace

  20. Reclamation

  21. Forensic Scene

  22. Long Distance Runner
  23. Glue Man