Sunday, 3 May 2009

Therapy? - RTE Radio Session 1990

Have to thank Tom for sending this bootleg in, along with 2 others that will be uploaded sometime soon. Here's what the info text has to say about it.

Dave Fanning Session
RTE radio, Dublin, Ireland
October 1990

Track 1-4: This was a tape of the session passed out by the band
prior to broadcast back in 1990. This copy is about 2nd or 3rd generation and
has some tape hiss between tracks which can't be noticed once the music kicks in
(you could always remove it yourself if such things bother you). The tracks were
subsequently broadcast in a different order.

Track 5: This was not a part of the broadcast. It is an unreleased
rehearsal from '89 or '90 that one of the band had included on an old mix-tape.
I don't think it's seen any circulation so is included here as a bonus. Sound
quality overall is a fair B+ with the exception of track 5 which sounds like it
could have been made on an old boom-box.

Track Listing:
  1. Reality Fuck
  2. Innocent X
  3. Dancin' With Manson
  4. Body O.D.
  5. Mind, Body and Soul

MP3 Download - [HERE]

FLAC Download - [HERE]

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