Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Nirvana - Reading Festival '92

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, so here is a wee reminder of just what the man did. Almost 100 minutes of music, from Nirvana's headlining slot at the 1992 Reading Festival. Excellent quality this, and it's a fair reminder of just how great they were live. And don't forget to come to the brand new TMTNL forum to discuss this download, past ones and to request/offer future ones


Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Breed
3. Drain You
4. Aneurysm
5. School
6. Sliver
7. In Bloom
8. Come As You Are
9. Lithium
10. About A Girl
11. Tourettes
12. Polly
13. Lounge Act
14. Smells Like Teen Spirit
15. On A Plain
16. Negative Creep
17. Been A Son
18. All Apologies
19. Blew
20. Dumb
21. Stay Away
22. Spank Thru
23. Love Buzz
24. The Money Will Roll Right In
25. D-7
26. Territorial Pissings
27. The Star-Spangled Banner

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